Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world with more than 250.000.000 people --- There are 316 ethnic groups which speak 670 dialects in Indonesia --- There are 17.508 islands in Indonesia, which is the largest Archipelago in the world and only 6.000 of them have a name with only 1.000 are inhabited --- If you could spend only 1 day on each island of Indonesia, you would need 48 years to see all of them? (Transportation between islands not counted) --- Indonesia has the longest coastline in the world, with 100.000 kms long --- Indonesia is probably the last country in the world, which has still unexplored territories, and is not completly mapped? (specially around Irian Jaya) --- There are about 400 volcanoes in Indonesia, and 150 out of them are active, which represents 75% of all active volcano on the planet


Surgeon and Drug Expert

At a medical convention, a male doctor and a female doctor start flirt. Then male doctor invite her dinner. When they sit in restaurant, the female doctor always ask her permission to wash hands.

After dinner, they walk toward the hotel room. When all are very hot, she stopped a moment to wash hand. Next, they do have sex. Completed have sex. The female doctor got up to go and wash hands.

When she returned, the male doctor said, "You must be a surgeon."

The female doctor nod and ask, "How can you guess correctly?"

"Easy, you always wash your hands," answered the male doctor.

The female doctor said, "You definitely a drug experts."

The male doctor said, "Wow, how do you know that ?"

The female doctor wrinkled smile, "When we do sex, I do not feel anything !

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