Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world with more than 250.000.000 people --- There are 316 ethnic groups which speak 670 dialects in Indonesia --- There are 17.508 islands in Indonesia, which is the largest Archipelago in the world and only 6.000 of them have a name with only 1.000 are inhabited --- If you could spend only 1 day on each island of Indonesia, you would need 48 years to see all of them? (Transportation between islands not counted) --- Indonesia has the longest coastline in the world, with 100.000 kms long --- Indonesia is probably the last country in the world, which has still unexplored territories, and is not completly mapped? (specially around Irian Jaya) --- There are about 400 volcanoes in Indonesia, and 150 out of them are active, which represents 75% of all active volcano on the planet


Indonesia Election Campaign in Photos

This is really about party, party and party. Collecting mass and have fun.

Undisputable, in Indonesia General Election campaign more like people party that happen once in five years. And also once in five years people become the king ! Every political party participants will try to gain as many people they could get in many ways in order to make their campaign loud and rousing (remember : on campaign, not on voting's day).
And these are some photos about Indonesia representatives general election campaign...

PD campaignDemocrat Party campaign : look how many people are there.

kampanye grindra di sidoarjo
Gerindra Party campaign in Sidoarjo : the presence of Ondel-Ondel make it more like carnival

white on redWhite on red ? Is it mean something ?

child on bikePDIP Convoy : Child on bike !

dangdut campaignThis is a way to gain mass : entertaint the people with dangdut...

flag's hallOpen hall of flag

kampanye golkarLook how enthusiastic they are....ignoring safety

kampanye di acehFuture leaders : Learn from the past ok !

Kampanye PKSNo comment !!

PKS campaignIs it Barack Obama ?

child campaignLook how intimate and peace they are

Well, this is Indonesia election 2009 campaign.
Hope that we don't trapped in old maxims : KING FOR A DAY FOOL FOR NEXT FIVE YEARS.

4 Komentar:

KaVi_BorLaNd said...

SBY is NUmber One..

Poison-Tech' blog said...

kampanye demokrat di tempat saya serang-banten bikin macet tuh.. trus kampanye nya juga ga mendidik.. karena ada artis dangdut, pasha ungu dan lain-lain..seharysnya biasakan untuk tidak kampanye seperti itu..

unttuk kavi borland maaf yah..hehehe

kritik untuk membangun kan tak apa-apa ya??he

punkchonomic said...

Campaign in Indonesia? All About Dang dut I guess ^_^

Indoman said...

@ KaVi_BorLaND : Yes, right now SBY is No. 1 (President)

@ Poison-Tech'blog & punkchonomic : Well, at least dangdut is our original music..he he

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