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World's Richest People Decreased

Forbes Billionaires 2009 : Global Financial Crisis Affect

billionaireForbes has released its annual list of the world’s richest people, and it’s a bit smaller than usual. The number of billionaires in the world has dropped from 1,125 last year to only 793 now, forbes reports. And the total wealth on this year's list registered US$2.4 trillion, down from 4.4 trillion last year, reducing more than 45 percent and marking the worst reading since Forbes began compiling the list.

And so the worst economic crisis in decades has taken its toll on billionaires, the richest people in the world. The number of such people has decreased and their wealth has shrunk by nearly half.
(but hey..don't worry they still rich people and of course it doesn't mean that they could not eat)

Person who make computer programme that I use now and almost all of you, Bill Gates had reclaimed his crown. Ironically, it wasn't because he got wealthier, it because he suffered less loss than Warren Buffet, last year's richest man.

The 2009 list represents citizens from 53 countries and regions. Americans once again dominate the super rich, occupying half of the top 20 spots, up from only four last year.

China is one of the brighter spots," Luisa Kroll, senior editor of Forbes, told Xinhua. Though the total number of billionaires from the Chinese mainland dropped from 42 to 28, their collective wealth shrank much less than those in other emerging economies like India and Turkey. Meanwhile, total number of billionaires from Russia decreased to 32 from last year's 87, echoing the plunging oil prices.

As for Indonesia, represented by 5 people, which are Michael Hartono, R. Budi Hartono (owner of PT. Djarum), Sukanto Tanoto (Raja Garuda Mas Group), Martua Sitorus (Wilmar International Group) and Peter Sondakh.

Forbes Billionaires 2009

1. Bill Gates — $40 billion

2. Warren Buffett — $37 billion

3. Carlos Slim Helu and family — $35 billion

4. Lawrence Ellison — $22.5 billion

5. Ingvar Kamprad and family — $22 billion

6. Karl Albrecht — $21.5 billion

7. Mukesh Ambani — $19.5 billion

8. Lakshmi Mittal — $19.3 billion

9. Theo Albrecht — $18.8 billion

10. Amancio Ortega — $18.3 billion

11. Jim Walton — $17.8 billion

12 (tie). Alice Walton — $17.6 billion

12 (tie). Christy Walton and family — $17.6 billion

12 (tie). S. Robson Walton — $17.6 billion

For complete list click here.

It is the 23rd annual ranking of the world's billionaires by the Forbes Magazine. Each person's total net worth is measured in US dollar, based on the closing stock prices of the stock exchanges on which each person's company is listed, and exchange rates as of Feb. 13, 2009.

I am wondering when will my name be on the list.....

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